About Us

Who We Are

Founder's Story

Story time! I was born in Lyndhurst New Jersey and grew up for most of my life in Fair Lawn NJ. To understand a little bit about who I am and where I came from, we have to start at my grandparents. My maternal grandfather was an intelligent and articulate Brazilian man who had grown up in Belgium. An entrepreneur, he started his own company but had emigrated to Brazil as the Nazis were taking a hold. In Brazil, he had his company but unfortunately passed away when my mother was only 5. My paternal grandfather grew up on the tough streets of Brooklyn, but with hard work eventually started his own Shoe importation business. Of course I wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t for my parents themselves. After losing her father at 5 years old, my mother’s life wasn’t easy. Relationships were strained at home and poverty, drugs, and illegal prostitution were some of the many bad influences for kids in the poor streets of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She escaped what that life could made her and immigrated to the U.S. She eventually met my father and had me, got married, but times weren’t easy. Both my parents were bankrupt around the time I was born. They worked hard, and I would wait until late at night for them to come home. My father didn’t have an education, but worked hard on late nights to learn about computing in the late 90s. Eventually he worked his way to becoming the head IT Director in an accounting firm. My mother had worked her way to a great and secure job in the school district. Life had gotten better and we had lived in a middle class neighborhood in my teenage years. But on my 23rd birthday, my father passed away of Lung Cancer. Financially times got really tough for us, especially me as I failed on one thing after another. I tried to open a bagel store but eventually lost it, and lost all my money and was officially bankrupt. I never gave up, and I never will. My challenges are nothing like my dad’s when facing cancer, or my mom - the most successful person in my family - whom came to America with no connections, family, or money; managed to survive with a smile on her phase and an appreciation of life. And it goes without saying for my family members before me who grew up in times much tougher than now. As you read this my journey is still just starting, even though I’m far removed from rock bottom. With my own blend of flavor, this shop is dedicated to them.

Product and Vision

Hipsters Remedy was founded in 2019, as partly a hobby and a way for its founder Mike to sell merch with cool designs online through different marketplaces. Initially our production was outsourced but eventually Mike's hobby turned into a full time occupation. In 2021 that culminated into Mike investing his savings into machinery and creating the website you are on now, and here you have our official launch date. When naming our company we wanted to come up with a name that would encapsulate our varied designs. Hipsters Remedy was found. The definition of hipster according to the dictionary is "a person who follows the latest trends and fashions, especially those regarded as being outside the cultural mainstream". And a remedy is of course a cure and something that's necessary for your existence. 

Our vision is to create an apparel brand that is unique but not necessarily narrowly eccentric - from cool to sweet to badass but not cheap. We can be loving, or we can be polarizing. Just like life, it depends on the product and mood! Currently we have invested in our own machines to produce the t-shirts, and a warehouse where the production will take place. We hope to expand in the future into products like hoodies, long sleeves, dresses, bodysuits, etc 

We hope that our clothing can add a special flavor in your wardrobe. We want to be that unique cure, the hipster's remedy of your being. 

Our Message

We don't feel compelled to carry on with the customary utterances of how well we treat our customers, blah blah blah. A brand's customer reviews speak louder than their own words. It's not an accident that we've enabled reviews through an active review partner. The customers have spoken, raw and uncut - and we encourage them with substantial discounts to leave reviews with images because, well, pictures speak even louder than words! Without our customers, we wouldn’t be where we are now. And without our customers, we wouldn’t be able to get to where we want to be in the future. We hope you stick with us to enjoy that future

Any feedback? Product suggestions? We are not some invisible gods in the sky. Please contact us with anything you may have in mind at customerservice@hipstersremedy.com